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Phil Shaw-Browne

Managing Director

Phil has worked at Shawtrack since 2010 after completing his studies at Hadlow College. Starting out in the factory, Phil was eager to gain experience in all areas of the company from welding and fabrication, through to production side of builds then running the hire desk with Jamie Baddeley, to now overseeing Quality Control and Type approval. Finally becoming Managing Director


Jamie Baddeley

Sales Manager

Jamie has been at Shawtrack since January 2007, starting out as the Hire Manager for Shawhire. Since then, he has progressed to become the Sales Manager looking after our biggest clients whilst bringing on new business.  Outside of work, Jamie is the Chairman for Carlton Town Juniors FC and likes nothing more than talking football! Contact Jamie to discuss how we can produce a product that is perfect for you.


Emma Swallow

Sales Consultant

Emma joined Shawtrack in 2014 providing sales support to Jamie but has since progressed to Office Manager and Sales Consultant. Emma works hard at generating new sales leads and orders, but is keen to maintain a strong relationship with all of our customers. Emma is a valued member of the team and provides excellent customer service. If you are interested in receiving a quote for a new body, Emma is the person to contact!

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Glenn Gibson

Technical and Aftersales Manager

Glenn joined Shawtrack in 1998 as a supervisor for the preparation team in the paint shop, and was soon promoted to Manager. Glenn is responsible for the production of all of our builds. Glenn’s team is responsible for producing a third more vehicle per week than in previous years and we are looking to expand the workshop in order to reduce lead time. From managing the schedule to implementing the design in the workshop, his years of experience and skills are utilised in this role.


Cedric Sedo

Mechanical Design Engineer

Cedric is a highly motivated product design engineer with a background in mechanical engineering. Cedric joined us in March of 2017 and has since designed and developed many innovative projects in collaboration with Phil and Glenn tailored to suit customer requirements. His multidiscipline in various areas of engineering has made an impact on our innovation process. Cedric’s experience are in drafting, planning, functional analysis, concept development, detailed 3D design, standardized technical drawing documentation, fabrication and welding.

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Stefan Drew

Production Manager

Stefan joined Shawtrack in January 2018, with 26 years technical production management experience at his last job, Shawtrack are very lucky to aquire him,  He will bring  a leadership style of time management lean manufacturing principles. He is also currently completing a EMBA masters qualification in business.  We look forward to seeing great results in our scheduled lead times and more.

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Georgi Georgiev

Sales Consultant

Georgi joined Shawtrack in December 2017, as Field Sales Consultant looking after the North, he graduated in 2009 from Sheffield hallam University with a degree in Business Managment, Since then he has been in management roles in manufacturing and sales.


Karl Gibson

Purchasing & Parts Manager

Karl initially joined Shawtrack in 2012 as a Finishing/Fitter, but progressed to Purchasing and Parts Manager in 2014. Karl’s biggest quality is his ability to think on his feet, trying his hardest at any task and always going above and beyond what is expected of him. There is no such thing as “can’t”.

Karl’s main responsibilities focus on working closely with some of the biggest suppliers in the industry, liaising with manufacturers, relevant internal departments and customers to ascertain the best products and suppliers for the company.


Cheryl Hollis

Sales Administration

Cheryl started at Shawtrack in August 2016 as our Sales Administrator she is currently working part-time Tuesday to Friday. Cheryl has a beautiful little girl, so spends the rest of her time being a fabulous mum. Cheryl is currently looking after our sales administration, she collates all information between Sales team, Production team, and now Aftersales team which includes everything from making courtesy calls to customers, updating them of their builds, to collating production targets. Cheryl is a lively member of the team and is very eager to learn the ropes.


Jane Shaw-Browne

Marketing Communications Executive

Jane joined the company April 2015 to take the lead on all things Marketing. Jane is our first employee dedicated solely to marketing and we hope that she can help the company grow its brand value and awareness. As part of her role, she will be looking for opportunities to shout about our products and grow our brand with marketing and communication initiatives. Don’t forget to check out our social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!


Carol Shaw-Browne

Finance Director

Carol has been looking after the business’ finances, along with the occasional HGV drive, since Jamie founded the company in 1992. After completing studies in Accounting, Carol took control of the company’s finances to support Jamie in his start-up and has been involved in all the big decisions and milestones of the company’s history. Carol is most proud of her two children Phil and Jane, who are now part of the family business.


Harriet Shaw-Browne

Administration Manager

Harriet joined the team in 2011 and works part-time since her little boy arrived in September 2014. Her main responsibilities include looking after the company accounts, new employee orientation, and Health & Safety improvements.