Our Builds

Three trucks for 2 cousins

Three great vehicles for 2 Cousins Powered Access.


  • Warrior 10000NW hydraulic winch
  • Kerruing hardwood floor
  • Cab height headboard with LED work lights to illuminate the deck
  • Walkway mesh infill to ramps


  • Crossrail/FORS compliance
  • 2 chassis mounted toolboxes
  • Extending width edge protection
  • Deck lights

Specifications of the 26t

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: Arocs
GVW: 26T
Wheelbase: 6,000 mm
Chassis weight: 8,583 kg
Finished weight: 11,460 kg
Body weight: 2,887 kg

Payload: 14,540 kg

Specifications of the 32t

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: Arocs
GVW: 32T
Wheelbase: 7,400 mm
Finished weight: 14,900 kg

Payload: 17,100 kg