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3.5 tonne Container Trailer

The 3.5 tonne container trailer is a great solution for companies needing an adaptable trailer to carry 12 ft to 21 ft containers. As well as the impressive lead time for customers, this trailer offers some important features. This particular build was made to Pickerings Plant’s specifications, meeting their need for a durable trailer. We offer different variations and options depending on your needs and requirements for a trailer. Speak to one of our team members today for more information on 01623 633540.


Tandem axle and adjustable support bracket for different sized feet on containers. The trailer can accommodate different towing heights and the extending rear frame accommodates different size containers (between 12 and 21 ft) with set locating holes and spring plunges.

Fully Type Approved meeting VCA standards.


GVW: 3.5 tonne
Body weight: 1 tonne

Payload: 2.5 tonne