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7.5t Beavertail with Hydraulic Ramps

Frank key is a valued customer, approaching Shawtrack in 2010 to design and build a 7.5t beavertail body. This body featured mesh overlay, steel spring assisted ramps on a round bar, which allowed the ramps to slide together. Happy with the low profile loading angle of their previous body, Frank Key returned to Shawtrack in 2014 with a new request, to switch from spring assisted split ramps, to full width hydraulic ramps fitted with heavy duty mesh. This decision came about from feedback from their drivers and we were more than happy to help achieve the body they wanted.


Full width ramps, ladder rack headboard, heavy duty mesh infill to ramps, single drop-sides, winch, rear tow hitch, rhino board decking


Model: N75.190
GVW: 7500
Wheelbase: 4475
Chassis weight: 2951
Finished weight: 4140
Body weight: 1189

Payload: 3360 kg