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AB Canham are a family run company established for 40 years, They are renowned for building high quality luxury homes, apartments and restoration works throughout the South East and South London. They have built in excess of 250 properties since 2002, they range from 1 bed apartments to super homes with indoor pools located in private parks in South London.

They chose Shawtrack to build their latest multi function dropside and cheesewedge body.


  • Ladder rack to headboard
  • Full width cheesewedge ramps.
  • Overlaid with HD Mesh
  • Warrior C8000EN electric winch
  • Slot dropside post twinstrap edge protection
  • 2 x Chassis mounted toolbox. 1000mm wide 295
  • 3 x Pair of 2m (500mm high) removable aluminium dropsides to full length of flat body with removable panel at rear (storage on headboard).
  • HD ‘V’ Rubber, bonded and screwed to ramp centre and beavertail.
  • Radio remote kit for winch.
  • Broom and Spade storage cab side of headboard (x2 make one bolt on for existing 7.5t lorry)
  • Ladder storage for telescopic ladder cab side of headboard
  • Handle both sides of headboard
  • Dropside Steps one each side (front)
  • Headboard plate each side galvanised and painted black Cab side
  • Ropehooks on every other crossmember inside rave
  • Back dropside board storage on headboard
  • Pair of twistlocks as far forward as possible
  • Mesh underbody storage cage each side
  • Ramps Painted as well as galvanised


Model: Eurocargo
Wheelbase: 5,670mm
Chassis weight:5,787kg
Finish weight:8,820kg

Payload: 9,180 kg