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The Emperor

General Body Information

A triaxle trailer built to handle powered access machinery. The features built in as standard make this unit easy to use and very cost effective to maintain.

  • 10 degree beavertail loading angle
  • 10 degree swan neck loading angle
  • 13200mm length
  • 3900mm neck
  • 1400mm beavertail
  • 7900mm deck
  • Wheel base 8100mm
  • King pin location 1200mm
  • HD rope hooks
  • HD lashing bars mounted within the side rave
  • Two chassis mounted toolboxes
  • Removable T bar headboard
  • Lashing rings within the deck, mounted to each side and down the centre
  • Hardwood floor
  • Support legs mounted to the rear of the chassis
  • Hydraulic double flip ramps. ( sliding ramps available as option)
  • 19.5” wheels on disc brakes for longer service life
  • Lifting rear axle with auto drop above 1.5km
  • Pneumatic suspension with automatic re-inflation when the handbrake is off
  • ROR axles
  • All suspension and hydraulic controls mounted to the N/S rear
  • Electric winch with radio remote control
  • LED lights
  • Very competitive payloads (27600 – 29000kg depending on spec)
  • Anti – roll over protection and load sensing values

Demo trailers are available upon request, please enquire today to find out more: sales@shawtrack.com or phone 01623 633540.