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Designing from experience

All of our Shawbodies are designed with the end user in mind. We have years of experience in the haulage of powered access and plant equipment industry and use that experience to design and manufacture the best body on the market. We have always listened to new ideas from drivers and customers when it comes to improving the bodies and have valued the feedback which has allowed us to continuously improve our design.

In a magazine article from PHE in 2005, discussing the start of Shawtrack body building, Jamie Shaw-Browne commented:

We felt that a lot of plant bodies just didn’t have the right ramp angle, or floor capacity, to meet our needs. So we incorporated our driver’s ideas into our own design.

Taking this philosophy forward, we now have the best beavertails on the market with the lowest weight to carrying capacity. Customer feedback has continued to be an asset in updating and improving our design, and now with our new Product Design Engineer, David Sayer, on board we are creating the best bodies to date.