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Our Operations Director Stefan Drew has bought many changes to our company in the short time he has been here, one of those changes has been the employment of apprentices, having served in the Army as a young man he moved back into civilian life starting an apprenticeship in Manufacturing, Planning and Control. He stayed at the company he started that with for 25 years, working his way up to eventually being the production manager for the last 16 years. over that time he did many vocational courses culminating in an EMBA and a post graduate degree in strategic management and leadership. This life experience has made him a champion for the hiring and benefits of apprentices to both the company and the individual. Of hiring apprentices he has said

It helps to promote the local community, Shawtrack are the largest employer in the area, apprenticeships will increase the skill base of school leavers, hiring apprentices keeps them motivated and committed for the long-term, by helping them develop their skills over several years. They know they will be working in the knowledge that at the end of this period they will have a qualification that is tremendously valuable, to them individually and to Shawtrack. Well-trained, highly skilled staff will add value to Shawtrack, both directly and through their ability to coach, mentor and train other team members. Stef chose to partner with West Notts College as they at one time were the biggest supplier of apprentices in the UK so have the knowledge and experience needed.

Our first apprentice Travis Harding has been with us for 4 months now. He is 17 and works in our finishing department as a finishing technician, his experience in manufacturing prior to this apprenticeship was zero, having worked part time at a trampoline park and doing part time doing a paper round whilst at school, from this we knew already he would be hard working, which he says he got from his dad who is the manager at another local warehouse, he also has been in the RAF cadets for a long time. he says that he wanted to do an apprenticeship, to gain skills and a qualification whilst being paid, and gaining real work experience, and hopefully eventually respect and independence.

He is being mentored by Scott Gibson – our most senior technician, who has been with Shawtrack since 2005, Travis has been learning skills such as vehicle electrics, vehicle hydraulics, and general coachworks, his favourite aspect so far has been learning the hydraulics, and electrics. Scott has been very pleased with Travis saying

  • Good attendance record
  • Always on time
  • Very helpful and polite
  • Interested in all areas of work
  • He has learned about making and fitting hydraulic systems
  • Learned some basic wiring skills
  • Works hard all day
  • Always eager to learn new things
  • He is very neat and tidy and takes pride in everything he does

Well done Travis, on being our first Apprentice and giving us the confidence to employ 2 more!!