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Meet our team

Shawtrack Managing Director

Phil Shaw-Browne

Managing Director

Phil has worked at Shawtrack since 2010 after completing his studies at Hadlow College. Starting out in the factory, Phil was eager to gain experience in all areas of the company from welding and fabrication, through to production side of builds then running the hire desk with Jamie Baddeley, to now overseeing Quality Control and Type approval. Finally becoming Managing Director

Shawtrack Technical and Aftersales Manager

Glenn Gibson

Technical and Aftersales Manager

Glenn joined Shawtrack in 1998 as a supervisor for the preparation team in the paint shop, and was soon promoted to Manager. Glenn is responsible for the production of all of our builds. Glenn’s team is responsible for producing a third more vehicle per week than in previous years and we are looking to expand the workshop in order to reduce lead time. From managing the schedule to implementing the design in the workshop, his years of experience and skills are utilised in this role.

Shawtrack Production Manager

Stefan Drew

Production Manager

Stefan joined Shawtrack in January 2018, with 26 years technical production management experience at his last job, Shawtrack are very lucky to aquire him,  He will bring  a leadership style of time management lean manufacturing principles. He is also currently completing a EMBA masters qualification in business.  We look forward to seeing great results in our scheduled lead times and more.


Emma Pennington

Sales Consultant

Emma joined Shawtrack in 2014 providing sales support to Jamie but has since progressed to Office Manager and Sales Consultant. Emma works hard at generating new sales leads and orders, but is keen to maintain a strong relationship with all of our customers. Emma is a valued member of the team and provides excellent customer service.


Cheryl Hollis

Production Co-ordinator

Cheryl Joined Shawtrack in 2015 as sales administrator, since joining she has made herself invaluable to the company, keeping our customers informed regularly with the status of their builds, she has now been promoted to Production Coordinator helping the Production team keep the schedule … too schedule!


Jonathan Stretton

Design Engineer

Jonathan joined in January 2019, to support the company with drawings and product development. He brings with him eight years CAD experience in various engineering and manufacturing disciplines.


Carol Shaw-Browne

Finance Director

Carol has been looking after the business’ finances, along with the occasional HGV drive, since Jamie founded the company in 1992. After completing studies in Accounting, Carol took control of the company’s finances to support Jamie in his start-up and has been involved in all the big decisions and milestones of the company’s history. Carol is most proud of her two children Phil and Jane, who are now part of the family business.


Harriet Shaw-Browne

Administration Manager and Accounts

Harriet joined the team in 2011. Her main responsibilities include looking after the company accounts, HR and Health & Safety improvements.

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