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Subcontract for the Waterjet and CAD Design Services

Shawtrack offers a comprehensive subcontract Waterjet cutting and CAD design service. Using Flow and CAD technology, Shawtrack provide accurate machining of parts with a fast delivery turnaround.

Materials include: Ceramic, Marble, Metals, Composites, Foam, Rubber and Plastics.

The one exception is Toughened Glass often used for shower screens and table tops, which are not suitable for the abrasive cutting process.

You supply the material and we supply the cutting services

When ordering simply supply us with the drawing files in a DXF format and we will deliver parts accurately cut to your specification. If you do not have the capability to produce a DXF we also offer a design & consultation process producing DXF files in 2D or 3D that the Waterjet can cut from.

If you would be interested in hiring time on the Mach2 at Shawtrack, please call us on 01623 633540.

About the Mach2

The Mach2 uses an accelerated erosion process with a mixture of fine grain sand and high pressure water at 94,000PSI. This offers precision cutting of any material.

Material up to approx. 10’ x 6’ 6 can be loaded onto the machine bed and the tolerance of the cut is 0.125mm. The Mach2 also has a range of speed settings to suit the desired finish.


Benefits of waterjet cutting

  • Precise cutting mulitple material
  • No heat affected zone
  • Low environmental impact
  • Safer than alternative methods
  • Capable of cutting uneven surfaces
  • Capable of cutting thick material up to 200mm
  • Superior edge quality